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Paul Miniato

Powell River, B.C.

(604) 200-2017


Analyst : Facilitator : Problem-Solver : Peacemaker

Volunteer with extensive facilitation, technical and business experience. I am interested in opportunities to contribute, at a professional or senior level, to organizations working for international peace & liberty, through cross-cultural & scientific understanding. Also available for short-term or part-time contracts through TopSoft Solutions Inc.

Thought Leader (Analysis) Group Facilitation Project Planning
Root Cause Analysis Conflict Management Software Development
Problem Solving Conflict Resolution Object Oriented Design
Online Research eNegotiation / ODR Troubleshooting
Writing / Public Speaking Group Decision Making Mathematical Algorithms
Training / Mentoring Active Listening Optimizations / Lingo

TopSoft Solutions Inc.

Senior Consulting Partner 1996 – present

Providing Business Analysis, Project Planning, Facilitation, Development, and other services.

iCan Systems Inc. (makers of Smartsettle)

eNegotiation using patented algorithms to achieve fair & efficient solutions: Beyond Win-Win®.

Senior Analyst 2009 – 2014

VP Software Engineering 2007 – 2008

Reported to the President & CEO, and inventor of Smartsettle, Dr. Ernest Thiessen.

Responsible for the technical development of the Smartsettle Infinity product & code base.

Selected Accomplishments:

Ø Smartsettle Negotiation Process Improvement: Designed substantial improvements to the process used by two or more parties to negotiate a formal agreement using Visual Blind Bidding under the control of the Smartsettle software suite. Implemented most of these improvements in the Smartsettle Infinity product.

Ø “Interest-based Mediation & the Smartsettle Process” White Paper: Conceived and wrote a 25-page white paper comparing and contrasting the Smartsettle ICANS™ process with traditional face-to-face interest-based negotiation. (ICANS = Interactive Computer-Assisted Negotiation System)

Ø Launch of Smartsettle Family Resolutions: Championed the launch of a family resolution division, and participated in development of strategy for the spinoff of Smartsettle Family Resolutions to handle marital separation and other family cases.

Ø Smartsettle Facilitation Support: Provided ongoing expert support to assist Smartsettle users, facilitators and mediators express subjective preference information in Smartsettle’s preference-modeling interface.

Ø Preferences Modeling Wizards: Conceived, designed and implemented wizards to assist parties or facilitators with the input and modeling of issue preferences and satisfaction functions in multi-issue cases, including use of analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and applications of the Law Of Diminishing Marginal Utility.

Ø Smartsettle One: Led the effort to simplify the Smartsettle Infinity negotiation process for use in Smartsettle One, the single-issue two-party browser-based eNegotiation system. Provided detailed specifications to development staff, and verified process compliance.

Ø Smartsettle Optimization Refinement: Under the guidance of inventor, Dr. Ernest Thiessen, researched and implemented a number of improvements and optimizations to the Smartsettle algorithms for reaching the Efficiency Frontier, including Dr. Thiessen’s Improvement Rule, “Maximize the Minimum Gain.” The enhancements were implemented in the problem model templates written in Lingo.

Ø “Dampened Pendulum Arbitration” Algorithm & Process: Dampened Pendulum Arbitration (DPA) is a derivation of Pendulum Arbitration (also called Final Offer Arbitration) designed to avoid the “clear-loser problem.” Led the development of a comprehensive process and detailed algorithms to generalize DPA to any number of parties negotiating any number of issues. Provided detailed specifications to the Smartsettle One developers to facilitate implementation of the simple two-party one-issue case.

Ø “R2D2″ Negotiation Robot for Infinity Training & Demos: Designed and implemented a “robot” facility to allow single users to practice or demonstrate Smartsettle Infinity negotiations opposite an automated counterparty.

Talent Technology Corporation (rebranded as Talemetry)

Senior Architect 2007 – 2008

Drove TTC product architecture to meet scalability, performance, and product lifecycle goals.

In-Touch Software Corporation

Vice-President, Software Design 1996 – 2006

Cofounder, Architect, Senior Designer for high-volume database-centric web applications.

Ø Tech Department: Senior architect/developer/team lead for the team which designed, developed, deployed, and maintained a new Java/Linux/SQL architecture for a rapidly growing Internet job board. Our implementation allowed the client to grow rapidly to become the largest hospitality job board in the world, then successfully attract a corporate purchaser; as of Nov. 2007, the system supported nine verticals & regions and 190 branded job sites with over 120K jobs and 1.5M users.

Ø Client Business & Requirements Analysis: Primary business analyst for most of the In-Touch client development work; performed requirements management, client interviews, and analysis, providing detailed specifications to the development team.

Fincentric Corporation (acquired by Fiserv)

Senior Architect / Development Manager / Senior Developer 1987 – 1996

Ø PROBE Platform: co-architected the evolution of the system-level infrastructure.

Ø PROBE Internationalization (Japanese): technical lead and chief architect.


Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC)

Settlement Mentor 2012 – 2013

Program seeks to ease the challenges faced by newly arrived immigrants and refugees by matching them with trained volunteers/friends from the community. I expect to resume soon

Boundary Bay Montessori School (formerlyBBMH)

Board of Directors, Parent Education Committee 1994 – 2004

Helped oversee a parent-operated Montessori school for about 80 children ages 3 through 13.

Radicalus Montessori “Erdkinder” Secondary (part ofRoots & Wings)

Agricultural Committee, Faculty Research Assistance 2004 – 2006

Supported teachers at a small farm-based Montessori middle school for ages 13 through 15.

Tierra Hermosa Rescue Center (Costa Rica)

Site creator, Copywriter & Webmaster 2001 – 2014

Donated full web site management to the founder’s business site:


Ø Negotiation Certificate, Conflict ResolutionJustice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) – Apr 2015 (expected) – courses included:

o Negotiation Skills Level II (CCR280)

o Mediation Skills Level II (CCR290)

o Theoretical Foundations of Dispute Resolution (CCR150)

o Negotiating with Difficult People: Making It Hard to Say No (CCR207)

o Managing the Hostile Individual (CCR108)

o Ethical Dilemmas for Mediators in British Columbia (CCR298)

Ø Associate Certificate, Leadership and Conflict Resolution JIBC (2015)

Ø Certified Smartsettle Facilitator Level IV since Jan 2008.

Ø Diploma, Computer Programming Technology – Control Data Institute (1973).

Ø Languages

o English (Native proficiency)

o Portuguese & German (Professional working proficiency)

o Spanish (Limited working proficiency)

o Italian & French (Elementary proficiency)

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